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My experience with Heyzap.

Heyzap is a cool and simple new way to sell items in your flash games for real money. Everything is relatively straight forward, the API, payment system, and other neat features.

The company is fresh out of the Y-Combinator, so they are still adding featuring and fixing bugs. I had the opportunity to talk with the Co-Founder,  Jude Gomila, and the Technician James Smith. They are both really nice people and want you to have a successful product which will make you as much money from their API as possible.

I recently released a game Mobster Defense using their system, mainly to test the usability and market for Micro transactions. Although players from Kongregate, Newgrounds, etc. really aren't into paying for games, their are still people willing to give you a dollar or two.

Although my game had a small bug upon release and got down voted for it along with the micro transactions i still have a respectable eCPM.

Compared to the average eCPM of mochiads which is usually between 10-25 cents this is quite good, especially for a brand new market. Im sure a game like Gemcraft or Sonny would get an eCPM of $1.00 or more with micro transactions.

So what do I think about Heyzap and the micro transactions market?

Heyzap is a micro-transactions system among a few, including Gamersafe, Mochicoins, and Nonoba's. It looks professional and has simple features. What it doesn't have are the bells and whistles. I would really like to see Heyzap add achievements, highscores, community forums, and tournaments. You might be wondering why this should be paired with an MT API, but they really go hand in hand. Why would someone buy an awesome item or level pack if they cant show it off to other gamers or friends? Adding these features would give players a reason to buy the item.

So now lets talk about the market. Its brand new, so these are all hypotheses. Lets say average developers put MT's in their bad games that go on Kong and NG. People are going to ignore the buttons and/or game. If the API's are limited to quality game, players can trust that when they buy an item they will be able to use it in a complete fun game. Basically the developers have control of the MT market in my opinion. If they make good games and place MT's in them well, the market will flourish. If a bunch of little low quality games get the MT's, gamers will never bother looking at them.

So, I suggest that all you developers make an awesome game, and add 1-3 items or features that you can buy. Use a MT API and see what happens. You might help the micro transaction market grow!

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  • axcho

    Thanks for the writeup. I’ve been looking into these Flash virtual currency systems but haven’t tried any of them out yet.

    You mention that achievements, high scores, forums and tournaments would be important for a system like Heyzap to be successful. Given this, would you recommend something like MochiCoins over Heyzap because Mochi comes with a high scores API and the premium games portal MochiGames?

    One might argue that these extras would compete with similar features on existing portals, such as Kongregate. What do you think of existing portal-specific virtual currencies such as Kongregate’s Kreds?

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  • admin

    A lot of these problems have been mentioned but have not really been tried in the market yet. Existing portals like Kong (especially their gamers) are hesitant to MT’s and community features in a game itself. Newgrounds though has featured a game or two using Gamersafe, and I believe one using Mochicoins. I also have heard that Kongregate has a micro transactions system in the works and that it has been in some of their premium games. Kongregates Kreds are only limited to donation’s right now, but they actually may be a viable way to make money. I have heard of people making over $100 just from donations.

    Mochicoins has not fully supported community features, other than a few neat additions to their hi scores. I did not mention this, but Heyzap shares 70% of revenue while Mochicoins only shares 60%. So, its really for you to decide which system triumphs over all. We will wait and see which MT system becomes most predominant. Thanks for the comment!

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  • intombNoign

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