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Creating a Multiplayer Game

I am currently collaborating in development of a multiplayer game - yes, that means you can play anyone who has access to the internet. What is this game you may ask? For now I will only reveal it's genre; a board game. Its not just any board game though, it will be extremely strategical, involve logic, and be highly competitive at the same time. As development continues I will post pictures/videos/demos of the game so check back often!

Board Game

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  • Dan

    Hey All,

    My company, Hooked Media Group, is hosting a webinar on April 15th. Thought you all would be interested.

    The webinar is for the first 50 developers and will give a look into its latest addition to our product, Yoo-Mee.
    The goal of Yoo-Mee is to make your games social by allowing your players to interact with each other and receive immediate results and gratification through winning prizes, fun gifts, and cash. You get additional monetization for your games and better hooks to keep your players coming back. (Yoo-Mee works with existing game platforms.)

    Plus One lucky developer wins an iPad just for attending!

    Please email us at by April 14th 9pm EST (6pm PST) to get in on it!


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  • Riley Dyer

    Hey, I see you make cool games and I’m wondering what you use to make them. What language, and how you learned. Thanks, I’m trying to learn how to make games in C++.

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