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Heyzap is a brand new micro transactions system, distribution center, and network for flash games. They offer a few services at the moment including:

Heyzap Payments
Earn cash from your flash game:
- Activate virtual goods
- Fast integration
- Inventory management

Heyzap Distribute
Get your games out there:
- Thousands of websites
- Widgets, Feeds, APIs
- Bring users to your game


Heyzap Viral
Make your games go viral:
- Facebook, Twitter
- Share scores
- Invite friends to play

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Blog Created

The Blog has been created. Thanks for looking everyone. Right now I am working on a few games. I will give you a quick sneak peak for each.

AcidBall: A fun physics puzzler which involves scrolling around and collecting things.

MagniBox: A cool skill/puzzle game involving you trying to multi-task, trying to avoid getting hit by objects, and then keeping you mouse away from other objects. Put together, you must move your box with your magnet across the course.

Winter Swap: A quick and entertaining match 3 minigame in the Christmas theme.

Factory Escape: A interesting sokaban style puzzler with neat graphics and difficult maps.

Saving Christmas: A holiday themed platformer game which all ages would enjoy.

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